Sunshine, Scenery & Senility

Headed out today in beautiful spring weather for a ride with Bryon. The plan was a fast ride, out and over Wada toge then home if possible before 1pm. We decided to do the usual loop, but in reverse. The weather was simply beautiful, 20C and sunny skies.

It wasn’t much after 9am when we pulled up for a pit-stop in Tsukuicho. Refreshed and watered we headed on.

We made our way around the lake. Halfway between Sagamiko and Fujino, it happened.

A 57yr old gent driving his new white Honda decided to turn right, across the flow of traffic and into our path. With nowhere to go and with the driver not for one second reducing speed, Bryon went left but was unable to avoid a collision.


One full somersault later, a crunching head impact and a slide on his back, Bryon was left face down in the turn-off area. He was lucid and awake, so my initial worst fears faded, he was talking, but obviously felt it best to remain absolutely still. To be fair the driver was out of his car and onto the emergency services immediately. Within minutes we had an ambulance, 2 police cars, 1 police van and a fire engine.

The guys got on with sorting out Bryon, had him neck-braced and on the way to the hospital tout suite. I walked the police through the accident, then hitched a lift with the bikes to the hospital. Given the impact and the evidence of such from a crushed and broken helmet, Bryon had a full set of X-rays done and a CT scan. The helmet saved us from something far more serious. The doctor was very happy with the outcome of these tests and cleaned up his road rash as best he could. The most impressive rash including the bruise from where he landed on his keitei. Now broken keitei.

So bruised, battered and crestfallen, Bryon drove home with his wife and father-in-law whilst I biked it. A mother of a headwind up the Tama for the way home too.

Ride stats: 122km, 980m climbing.

Bryon, get well soon mate.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, Scenery & Senility

  1. Very frightening account but so relieved to read Bryon escaped worse casualties. The paramedics, ambulance squad and the whole emergency care system as portrayed in your story and photos seem very impressive and effective contrary to some stories I have heard before.

    Thank you for posting this James. I will be extra careful too.

  2. I don’t know what to say, except that I share Tom’s sentiment. I’m relieved to hear that Bryon was well enough to go home same day, without broken bones, concussion or worse. … but I fear he must be in a lot of pain by today! As James notes, it sounds like an accident where a helmet could have been the difference between something that will be painful and take time to recover from but where a complete recovery in a relatively short time is in the cards, and something that could have been much more serious.

    I hope the driver’s insurance company is cooperative.

  3. Bryon emailed yesterday to say..
    ‘after a MRI today it looks as though I will be keeping the neck brace on for at least a week. C5,C6 are out of line and the muscles are too with a nerve pinched that they hope will return naturally. Therapy doesn’t start for another 3 days due to the soft tissue injuries.’

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