Shimoda Golden Week

We just spent the last few days down at the beach hut in Shimoda.

Drove down Friday night in traffic that bizarrely got busier as we went on. Japan cut all expressway road tolls over the GW period to Y1000. Lots of people on the road and then parking up in the rest stops so that they could benefit from this ‘offer’ which started at midnight. Still even with the traffic we got down in a little under 3 and half hours which is pretty normal.

Weather was great, lots of sunshine but not too hot and humid. I love this time of the year down there. Milly seemed to enjoy eating al fresco on the deck as did we in the evenings after she had gone to bed. The Saturday and Sunday night bbqs lived up to the usual high standards and great fun was had by all. More fun than usual for Joli who over-imbibed a tad on Saturday, evidence of which was her signature ‘legs don’t work time to sit on the ground’ manoeuver. No food no good.

We had decided to return on Monday night – GW goes on until Wednesday – and as usual it was a struggle not to just stay on. A little rain in the forecast helped. We collected Jo around 8pm and braved the traffic, arriving home in a little over 4hrs and 45mins. The traffic obsessed will make want they want of that time, but it wasn’t too bad at all.

Now in Tokyo and hoping to get Milly into the TAC pool later tomorrow.


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