Otarumi Loop

Met at 7:30am at Ebisu for a loop out to Takao. Clear, sunny and cold, perfect cycling weather in my mind. Well.. perhaps a tad chilly as I never really felt like I heated up today.

Quite a hard spin class yesterday, followed by a weights session meant that my legs were a little stiff and tired. This would become more apparent as the ride progressed.

We managed to have a small collision on the towpath of the Tama, after another cyclist swerved erratically into our paths. Dominic and Bryon were the unfortunates to hit the deck, but apart from dented pride and a few minor bruises and grazes both seemed fine. They turned back towards the end of the Tama section, Machin-san, Clinch-san and myself continued.

After that mishap it was fairly uneventful, some nasty looking ice patches lining the road as we progressed through Takao and up the climb, although the sun and traffic kept the roads clear, we made good time back around Sagamihara and onto the Tank road for our return. I really felt tired at this point. A lack of proper fueling combined with the cold temp burning extra calories no doubt.

We kept a steady, if somewhat relaxed pace back to Tokyo. I had intended to do this ride trying to keep my HR below 150 in order to ‘build a base’ and not stress the legs any further than I had yesterday, plus I am scheduled for more weights tomorrow morning. I will attempt that followed by a recovery spin if I have the time. As you can see from the graph below, I managed my goal.

All in all, a tad more eventful than we would have liked, but a great morning out in the (very) fresh air. 125km, avgHR131, 5:09hrs.


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