Electric Light Orchestra

“The Roadster is a rolling proclamation that defines you as a futurist. It’s not a toy, but it’s a geek’s plaything. It’s not a track tool, but it’s capable of unparalleled performance. The same could be said for a countless number of past, current and future exotics. And above all else, it works, something that can’t be said for many erstwhile supercar upstarts. Factor in the (near) zero-emissions thing and the total tally for juice (around $40.00 for the week, maybe less if I was on a different power plan) and the Roadster rises above the hype to solidify its place as a proper sports car. Could it be lighter? Certainly. Could it be cheaper? Most definitely. But today, in this world, in this climate, it stands in a segment of one. That makes it something to aspire to. And aspire I will.”

Living with the Tesla Roadster Sport – Autoblog

Nothing will ever beat the howl of a flat-six, but I’d have one of these in a heartbeat.


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