Apr3rd, Kraving a good ride, 160km, 2500m climbing.

A cold day, of almost 160km with 2500m of climbing.

A surprisingly large group (8?) assembled along the Tama this morning, although this was whittled down reasonably quickly to 5, and then 4 for the final climb.

An overcast start, with temps never really over 10C meant a great day to be out riding, although as usual at this time of year, difficult to judge the right amount of layers and clothing. I only really suffered with very cold toes/feet towards the end of the final descent.

For 7 hours of riding, it seems a bit extreme that I was gone from home for 12. That’s 5 hours talking, waiting, eating, faffing(?) etc.

Whilst this meant a final train ride home depositing me in Gotanda in the dark (and rain!), I couldn’t have wished for a more enjoyable day out. To top it all, I arrived home to find British Corner shop had delivered my new pre-ride breakfast, Kellogg’s Krave – very pro.

Thanks to my co-riders, looking forward to the next one.

Oh.. and for the record, I think it would quite difficult to be more Rapha than I today.. I even wore my cap! And socks.. I do like my new red country jersey.


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