How to watch Paris Roubaix 2010 in Japan

With English commentary…

First, you will need a subscription to Sky PerfecTV channel 306. Coverage is from 8:40pm to 1:00am. Turn the volume down.

Second, Eurosport website live audio feed.

Then you’re good to go.

For perfectionist Mac users, an installed copy of Airfoil and at least one set of speakers connected via an Airport Express to the home Airport Extreme network.

In my experience there is a slight time delay between the TV images and the commentary over the website. This can be overcome using the on-the-fly hard drive recorder on the Sky box. It just takes a little pause and play until you have the two aligned perfectly.

Alternatively you can find a number of places on-line to watch in the native Flemish via live video streaming and the Cyclingfans website is usually pretty good too.

With Haussler injured, I’d love to see Hincapie finally get a win, but who would bet against Cancellara on current form? Can’t wait.

Wow.. Cancellara.. amazing. Chapeau indeed.


2 thoughts on “How to watch Paris Roubaix 2010 in Japan

  1. The problem is that all the live streaming sites of Paris-Roubaix were geographically restricted. This means that you cannot watch them outside the country/region where they are broadcasted.

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