High speed delivery

Delivered the Cervelo today, off to a good home, but sad to see it go. Did get to test the new Seasucker Talon+ Bike Rack though. Duly impressed.


5 thoughts on “High speed delivery

  1. Oh, Dave bought the bike to replace his aging Pinarello?

    I recently saw a flurry of new bikes associated with you: Trek, BMC …. which one do you own now and why did you let the Cervelo go?

    Otherwise I thought it was very funny to “test the new ..rack” with a super expensive bike. Hope the test was succesful.

  2. Not a replacement, but an addition to his stable.

    Trek gave me a brand new Madone frame (after a hairline crack appeared in the original – lifetime warranty!), a BMC SLX-01 frame took the original Trek parts in time for l'Etape and so the Cervelo was all of a sudden the oldest bike I owned. I would have liked to have kept it, but I won't use three.

    Well, not until i order myself something bespoke and in titanium… plus those RC5a frames look rather nice.

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