What Do You Sell?
“Not a lot. I believe that cross bikes should handle well, be as light as practical, be durable as hell, and have tubular tires and handbuilt wheels for racing. I believe in carbon repair services, but really wish they weren’t as universally needed as they are today. I believe that cantilever brakes are de rigeur, moto brake routing non-negotiable, and ATAC pedals superior to all other systems on the market. I believe that cross bikes, regardless of price, should look beautiful, corner effectively, and never, ever have BB30 or PF30 bottom brackets. I believe that every cross bike should be SSCX, FGCX, or Campagnolo. I believe in buying from stupid, tiny, one-man artisans with no website or telephone. I believe in suppliers that don’t speak English. I believe carbon handlebars on cross bikes are nuts, but every seatpost should be trimmed to be least 1cm shorter than the manufacturer’s recommended length. I believe in metal cyclocross bikes and slammed stems. I believe in handbuilt cyclocross bikes. I believe in carbon fiber espresso cups, but not carbon fiber rims. I believe in second hand and third hand and fourth hand cyclocross bikes. And it’s for these reasons and more, that I’ll only ever be able to sell a few each year.”



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