“The current societal factors placed on athletes has been causing a dramatic rise in the use of performance enhancing drugs and practices in recent years.48 The intensity of competition and the
pressures from increases in talent and skill in athletic competitions has led many athletes to look for
illegal and alternative ways of increasing their own performance. The use of these methods, including
blood doping, EPO injections, anabolic steroids, and stimulants, has been shown to be detrimental to
cardiovascular health and the overall health of users. Many athletic organizations, such as the World AntiDoping Agency and the International Olympic Committee, have placed bans on these methods of
performance enhancement. These organizations now test athletes for banned substances in an attempt
to reduce the use of these practices. By doing this, they are leveling the playing field and keeping athletic competitions fair and clean. Not only are they accomplishing this, though. By banning players who have used these practices and by screening athletes for any signs of use, they are maintaining the health of these athletes and curbing any negative effects in the long run.”

Cheating to Win: Thesis – Andrew Sill


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