Hardwired to love sugar

“One of the big things – and this has only come out recently – is we’re now starting to discover that higher intakes of refined carbohydrates and sugars have been leading to cardiovascular health problems and we didn’t realise that was the case.

Dr Lapsys says there are now links between excess carbohydrate consumption and cardiovascular disease but that the message has yet to filter its way down from medical research centres to the media, health organisations and the general public.

So what’s the solution? To stop over-consuming sugar.

“I’m learning that the wrappers with bees, honey, flowers, words like ‘nature’ or ‘natural’ or any shade of green are the sneaky buggers. They profess to be healthy. Henceforth these shall be known as the Sugar Assassins. And tubs of yoghurt are their queen.”

Damon Gameau seeks truth behind sugar – News.com.au


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