A Classic Reborn

“We may imagine the Ford Cortina in which we were ferried to school in the 1960s is not that far removed from the Ford Mondeo in which we take our kids to school today. But they are as far apart as the Bakelite party line you had to use back then and the iPhone 6 today. A point that would become briefly obvious if you were to drive a 1960s Cortina into a tree.

It’s not just in safety that everything has come on in galactic leaps and bounds. For me the most impressive improvement is refinement. The only reason you couldn’t hear the rattles in a 1960s car is that they were drowned out by the monumental wind noise. Whereas today even a slab-fronted Range Rover cleaves the air as silently as an owl.”

Jensen Interceptor R supercharged (2014)


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