The Opposite of Role Model

“How do you stay motivated at a job where you feel bad for the people you’re supposed to aspire to become?

You don’t. So you quit.

Nassim Taleb has a great quote. “People focus on role models,” he says, “it is more effective to find antimodels — people you don’t want to resemble when you grow up.”

I love that quote. And I can think of all kinds of antimodels.”

The Opposite of a Role Model


The guy who spends half his income buying stuff to impress other people without realizing that a third of people don’t notice, a third feel bad for him, with the rest mostly indifferent. I never want to be him.

People who can’t detach from work once in a while.

People with no autonomy or ability to be creative at work.

Anyone whose lifestyle relies on kindness of a bank renewing your debt. How do you sleep at night?

People who can’t sleep eight hours a night, for whatever reason.

CEOs who think they’re more important than their workers. Delusional.

People whose aspirations grow faster than their income. They’ll be running in circles their whole life.

People whose largest expense is interest. Your future will be spent paying for your past and the $900,000 salary of a bank’s vice president. Hell no.”


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